Beautiful mama-to-be and Oscars first-timer Jenna Dewan-Tatum lit up the red carpet with hubby Channing Tatum at the 85th Annual Academy Awards in a one-of-a-kind Rachel Roy couture dress, Brian Atwood shoes, and Irene Neuwirth Jewelry! Here’s her behind-the-scenes pics and personal favorites from last night’s big event…

Here’s one of Jenna’s red carpet interviews with Popsugar where she shares more about their Tatum Tot and the best parenting advice she’s received so far…

22 Responses to Jenna Dewan-Tatum Glows on the Oscars Red Carpet

  1. mackenzie says:

    Jenna is so amazing

  2. Such a Beautiful Couple!!! Jenna was def glowing! and Channing, omg… no words!!
    He was hilarious on Jimmy Kimmel too!! couldn’t stop laughing!

  3. Liz says:

    Such a beautiful couple! So in love!

  4. Pie says:

    I’m so jeaLous of you Chan is my uLtimate cRush!!! :D i Love you both!!! proud soon to be parents rockin the bump!!! :D Can I be The baby’s Godmomma??? :D

  5. HAYOLA says:

    Jenna Dewan your very nice woman ;-)

  6. Tara says:

    You and Chan looked so beautiful lastnight!!

  7. Lisa Siegel says:

    What a cute couple! Best wishes with your new addition! ;)

    • Charlotte says:

      Your baby will be the most loved baby on this earth. I can’t even image how adorable it’s going to be! Chan was hilarious on Jimmy Kimmel and he did a great job on stage last night! Good luck to the both of you. I’m only 14, but I hope one day I will be as happy as you are together. Love you both and your baby to be! :)))

  8. Angela Deeds says:

    Thank you for sharing Hollywood what real class and sophistication looks like! Thank you for showing that a woman can be beautiful, sexy, and classy even while pregnant.

  9. JEAN O'BRIEN says:

    AH….Memories are made of this….

  10. Sarah says:

    I love u both :* you are amazing couple :)

  11. Krista Jamison says:

    Wow!! Kimmel really likes you guys, lol. :D You ARE an amazing couple. Great moments in your future, I wish you all the best.

  12. Rosie says:

    You were the best looking couple on the red carpet. Wishing you all the best for the future. x

  13. Kaye says:

    definitely the best couple in hollywood- this night and every other day!

  14. SANDY says:


  15. Rebecca Henderson says:

    I think she was absolutely glowing. There’s something about a pregnant.woman that changes their whole appearance. Not physical, but just their all over self. The way they carry themselves and the way you know they are carrying a miracle and gift from God. I like her a lot more, no offense, now, it just makes a person more human when you see them like this. Not only am I envious of her having Channing Tatum as a husband but she’s having a child, thew most precious thing in this world you can do annd that’s something I could never do. GOD BLESS ALL 3 OF THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES. I PRAY THAT THE BABY IS HEALTHY…I’M SURE IT WILL BE A HAPPY AND LOVED BABY. CONGRATS, JENNA. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!!!

  16. Rebecca Henderson says:

    Looking at her picture up there, she’s carrying the baby high…I believe it’s gonna be a boy. I was leaning toward a girl at first when I found out she was pregnant, but seeing her, I think they’re gonna have to try again for a girl! I just thought it was a cute idea to see Chan as the Father of a baby girl! They’ll both be wonderful parents no matter what the sex of the baby is.

  17. Krista Jamison says:

    I don’t believe in all that carrying high/carrying low stuff. I think it depends on the individual woman’s body, how she’s shaped and all, to how she carries the baby. And the body changes after the first child and every child after that. Kind-of how a woman’s breasts are high and perky when she’s young and gradually the skin stretches with the weight or especially after breast feeding and they start to sag. Aaaanyway…completely went on a tangent there. :/

  18. Charlotte Cochran says:

    You looked stuuning. Channing and Jamie Foxx were hysterical on Jimmy Kimmel. The channing all over my tatsum was so fuuny.

  19. Christy says:

    You two are going to have the most beautiful baby. How could you not?! You two are amazingly beautiful.

  20. julie simmons says:

    omg you too are absolutly beautuful..have loved you both since step up……

  21. Beautiful family. Love them !!!

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