3 Responses to Jenna Dewan Tatum Designs Bracelet for St. Judes!

  1. Hi Jenna my name is Bella I came from Australia and ur good dancer Actress lovely too meet u

  2. Kathy hoffman says:

    Hello ,Today I’m reaching out to all Local Business Big & Small to Please ask for your help with Laura’s Fright against Larynx Cancer
    Laura is a Wife,Mother& Grandmother as well as one of the strongest women I know ,she has been frighting this Fright for well over a year now she just had her Voice box removed and under went 3 Skin Graft surgeries in the last 2 wks
    We will be hosting a Non- Profit Fundraiser Benefit with a Silent Auction here locally in Port ST Lucien on November the 5th from 3-8 pm at Parks Edge in psl fla
    We are in Dire need of any and all Donations for our Silent Auction any Contributions would be very much Appreciated
    Thank you so very much
    Kathy Hoffman ,please feel free to look at Laura’s go fund page as well as her Facebook page
    I can’t say thank u enough
    Her name is Laura lattanzio Seelinger
    Again thank so very much

  3. The that shot me could finsh the job call me termtior

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